Conceptual Calendar design based on the different parts of the brain
Graphic Design, Pattern Design, Print Design
  • Novelty Calendar - 2013 - The Brain 
    Type - Illusion -  Interaction 
  • The purpose of this project was to design a calendar based around the different parts of the brain. The concept for the calendar came to me and I felt compelled to tackle it. The two things that I really wanted to incorporate as a graphic approach to the calendar were typography and illusion. The idea was to find a way to incorporate these two so that graphically they would represent the function of that part of the brain. The cover serves as a reference for the individual to connect the two and gain new understandings about their biological functioning. 

    To provide a bit more context, the calendar would be sold in popular bookstores with the primary audience being young to middle aged professionals. These professionals would work in scientific, teaching or creative fields. They are well educated, have a high level of visual literacy and continually seek to improve the aura of their workspace. With all this in mind, the Calendar due to its nature had to be inspiring and thought provoking. It also serves more as a show piece which has the primary function of allowing the individual to track the year. 

    I hope your eyes enjoy what follows below. 
  • Adding to the concept of the calendar, I came across folded paper devices referred to as flexagons. I decided to create one that would serve as a table brain teaser & calendar. This would come along with the calendar itself. The flexagon folds out into all the months of 2013.